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Waiheke Bus Service


Timetabled Bus Service


Latest Waiheke Bus pdf timetable can be viewed right here from Auckland Transport

View a map only of the Bus network here, showing the various routes

View it on the Auckland Transport website here 

Waiheke Bus Company provides a regular timetabled bus services on Waiheke Island.

The various routes follow main key roads with bus tops near most of the island’s important location. This stretches as far as Onetangi beach in the east and includes the other Northern beaches and the Southern Rocky Bay & Te Whau area's. Some buses have cycle racks on the front for a limited number of standard bikes. 

A good visitor tip is the All day Bus Pass allowing unlimited travel on the day for $10.00 per adult, $26.00 per family or $6.00 per child. Single ride casual fares are also improved by using a pre-loaded Auckland Transport HOP card.

Passes are available at Ticket office in Auckland or Waiheke and on-board ferries.

Buses are scheduled to meet ferries arriving and departing to Matiatia Wharf - note the bus routes & capacity vary with the time of day.

TOURISM WAIHEKE TIP: As the buses travel along the Island East to West and then return to the Ferry wharf they are an excellent economical way to see the island or get from A to B. 

Location: Matiatia Ferry Terminal
Phone: 09 366 6400 (AT - Auckland Transport)